Lā SEN Beauty brings the transformative results of professional spa treatments to the comfort
of your home — empowering you to face the world with confidence, wherever life takes you.


About the Founder


Lā SEN Founder Maya Kim N. is passionate about skincare and well-being from the inside out. Lā SEN was created from her heart, driven by her own personal struggles with skin and health and her strong belief that it is possible to care for the wellbeing of people and the planet without sacrificing efficacy, luxury or beauty. 

Maya left a successful career in the corporate world working for multinational billion dollar brands like Unilever, Kantar Media, GroupM when her own wellbeing was at risk. Her body and her skin had become highly reactive and highly sensitive. 

At this time, she became extremely conscious of what she was putting on her skin (which is our body’s largest organ) as her sensitive skin could no longer tolerate the chemicals that are so often found in our skin care products. But to her dismay, she could not find products that were clean, effective and still felt luxurious. 

Channeling her energy toward finding the most transformative and healthy methods to restore natural beauty while maintaining skin and environmental integrity, she explored the skincare rituals of different cultures. Maya began to recognize the power of certain high-quality botanicals used for millennia across the world. In particular, she saw the potential of the lotus flower, which has been used in traditional medicine and daily skincare in the Far East and Asia for over 3,000 years.

She took her findings and ideas to skincare experts to uncover the science of these time-tested ingredients and understand the wisdom behind Eastern beauty secrets. 

Eventually, Maya and her team were able to isolate and refine the most promising ingredients and began fusing modern skincare technology to create a NEW solution — one that would work on even the most-sensitive skin yet provide transformative results. And Lā SEN Beauty was born. 


Our flagship product: Weekly Oasis Facelifting Gel Mask

Our science-backed formula is an innovative blend of concentrated Lotus essence, our Perennial Nº9 Complex, and a proven combination of fast-acting peptides and potent botanical extracts.

The effects are instant: revitalizing and nourishing your skin, turning back the clock on your appearance, leaving your skin lifted, firm, smooth and radiant — regardless of skin type and age. 

Now you can easily and quickly reveal your natural, youthful luminosity, in only 20 minutes with Weekly Oasis™ Facelifting Gel Mask. Maximum results are achieved with consistent use for a facelift in the comfort of your home. 

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