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Unveil smooth, lifted, and brighter skin that reflects like glass—no need to wait months to see a difference.

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My Husband Noticed a Difference Right Away...

"I am 55. The mask is fantastic! It tightens and brightens my skin! My husband noticed
a difference right away. He came home and said that I looked young, that my skin looked beautiful.
It really does work!" - Kathleen B.

For 75 Years Young, Works For Me

"Pictures will show. No makeup. Pores were gone. Just one use.
I think the best way to use this mask is right before you go out." - Carol J.

My Skin Looks 20 Years Younger

"I love love love this product. My skin looks 20 year younger.
Thank you." - Gayle M.

Amazing Mask! I am Getting so Many Compliments!

"I have only used it once but I am getting so many compliments on my skin I have to attribute it to the mask
as it is the only new item I have used on my skin. I have tried a more expensive product that is similar to this and I believe this product gave me a much better result.
Your ads are TRUE! This mask is amazing!!! Highly recommend!" - Debra C.

Love It!!!! Similar to Hanacure - But Yet Different

"Amazing product - great mask. I have used it 3 times - results are happening.
Love it! Easy application, great results. Similar to hanacure- but yet different. Great!!!! ⭐️
I am taking with me on my vacation so my skin stays firm and fresh. Highly recommend!" - Lisa S.

3-Step to Beautiful Skin

1. Activate

Combine ingredients in a bowl and mix for 20 seconds.

2. Transform

Apply and wear gel mask for 20 minutes and feel your skin rejuvenating.

3. Radiate

Enjoy your lifted, smoother, softer skin.

To improve and maintain results, continue
wearing the mask one-two times a week.
*Results may vary by skin conditions.

One Product Line for All Your Skin Concerns

Sarah, 42

"I'm like on my first date with my hubby again!"

"After my three kids, I’ve been struggling with my skin for years. This facelift mask is magical! It's easy to use and the results are just incredible. My skin hasn't felt this smooth, tight and glowing in years, my sun spots has faded, my jawline has contoured as well. It's like I've dialed back the clock and I'm on my first date with my hubby, feeling young and so full of joy! I am fall in love with my skin again! No bad skin day."

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Weekly Oasis™ Facelift Gel Mask | Starter Kit

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Fabian, 33

"Never felt this confident! I’m converted for life!"

“This mask is a total game changer! Unlike any other masks, after a few uses and poof - reduced my acne flare-ups and noticeable smaller pores. It miraculously balances my "complex" skin. My skin feels incredibly soft, plump and much brighter. And those nagging acne scars from my teen years? Lightening up like magic. This mask has become my go-to for preventing premature aging. I'm absolutely head over heels!"

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Weekly Oasis™ Facelift Gel Mask | Starter Kit

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Carol, 75

"For 75, Works For Me!"

“For 75, works for me!!! Pictures will show. No makeup. Pores were gone. This was just one use!!!”

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Weekly Oasis™ Facelift Gel Mask | Starter Kit

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Melodie, 65

"I quit go to spa. I am not worried about my wrinkles or saggy skin!"

“65 here with saggy skin and wrinkles to large pores, my skin woes seem endless. I found this at-home facial on the internet and honestly I was doubtful, but the results blown me away! It works wonder even more than an expensive $500 spa session. Plus, my makeup looks flawless, and I use less. Clients and partner meetings are now a joy. I’ve never felt this confident and youthful!"

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Weekly Oasis™ Facelift Gel Mask | Starter Kit

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Lisa, 37

"No more peels! The glow of my skin says it all! 

This multi-tasking mask, packed with impressive ingredients, turned my dull, uneven skin into a smooth canvas in one use - no more sun spots or visible pores and lines. It's simplified my skincare routine and delivers stunning results without any painful peels and long healing times needed. Pure happiness in a bottle!"

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Weekly Oasis™ Facelift Gel Mask | Starter Kit

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Jamie, 28

"I’m optimistic!"

“My sensitive, blemish acne-prone skin was a challenge until this mask, discovered on TikTok, came to the rescue. What a surprise, my acne cleared up overnight leaving my skin clear, bright, and so clean. Now, I use it once or twice a month to keep that radiant, healthy glow. No longer a hurdle, my skin now boosts my confidence in my acting dream!”

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Weekly Oasis™ Facelift Gel Mask | Starter Kit

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Get Younger-Looking, Radiant Skin

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
71 Reviews

Weekly Oasis™ Facelift Gel Mask | Starter Kit

  • This natural, science-backed anti-aging facial treatment tackles all of the most skin concerns for instant and long-lasting radiant vitality.
  • Experience the benefits of this non-invasive solution at a fraction of the cost of a spa treatment - as little as 20 minutes, with the convenience of using it anytime, anywhere.
  • Your skincare regimen simplified!

Helps reduce the appearance of:

  • Fine lines, wrinkles
  • Saggy
  • Blemishes
  • Dull, Uneven tone, Spots
  • Pores, texture skin
  • Mature skin

Try It Risk-Free  • 60-Day Returns

Loved by Experts and Celebrities

Tiffany Smith - Skincare Expert

Lā SEN’s Facelifting Gel Mask is packed with multiple polypeptides, a great source for regenerating collagen and elastin, while building up a stronger skin barrier which benefits both men and women. Great anti-aging product with clean ingredients - an alternative for professional spa facial treatment!

Kristen Taekman - "Real Housewives of NYC" Star, Model & Blogger

Obsessed! I’m absolutely loving Lā SEN and love what they stand for: clean skincare, environmental responsibility, and products that really work! The experience is luxurious from start to finish. I’m ready for anything, whether it’s on the set, daily life, or a night out.

Nina Mahon - Celebrity Makeup Artist

I am impressed how the Lā SEN's Facelift system works right after the first use, even on the most sensitive skin types. I love using it on my clients right before a makeup application to help bring out my clients’ natural glow. The best part? It only takes 20 minutes!


Where Science and Nature Meets

  • At Lā SEN, we are dedicated in harnessing the power of scientifically-proven formulas and the bounties of nature. Our transformative skincare line brings you the best of both worlds. By combining ancient Eastern super natural ingredients with groundbreaking scientific advancements. 
  • Equipped with our proprietary Perennial Nº9 Complex, Lotus Flower essence, fast-acting peptides and 4D Lifting technology, the science-backed formula of the Weekly Oasis™ Facelift Gel Mask targets all of the most skin concerns. Achieve lifted, firm, smooth, and radiant skin, regardless of your skin type and age, in just 20 minutes per week.
  • Treat Yourself To The At-Home Facelift Mask That Gets You Even Better Results Than A Professional Treatment… 
  • Fine lines, wrinkles
  • Saggy skin
  • Blemishes
  • Pores, texture skin
  • Dull, uneven tone, spots
  • Mature skin

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Lā SEN Weekly Oasis™ Facelifting Gel Mask?
  • Step 1. Cleanse skin and blot dry.
  • Step 2. Empty the Gel Solution into the Lotus Bowl. Then, empty the Lifting Serum into the bowl. Activate the mask by mixing the two formulas for 20 seconds using the La Sen brush.
  • Step 3. Using the brush, apply the gel mask to the skin and allow it to work for 20 minutes.
  • Step 4. Wipe gently with a wet towel or rinse with warm water to remove the mask from skin. Apply moisturizer as needed.
Why is Weekly Oasis™ packed in individual packaging?
  • The Lā SEN Facelifting Gel Mask is individually packed to maintain optimal freshness and efficacy of active ingredients.
  • The gel mask must be used IMMEDIATELY after opening. Each set is for single use only.
Is this Mask formulated with only clean ingredients?

Yes. Lā SEN goes above and beyond clean beauty standards. We have ZERO hidden ingredients and are NEVER MADE with fillers, sulfates — SLS + SLES, parabens, artificial colorants, formaldehydes, phthalates, mineral oil, retinal palmitate, oxybenzone, acrylates, animal oils/fats, benzophenones, and DEA/TEA/MEA/ETA.

Is this Facelift Mask safe for sensitive skin?

Since our product is formulated with only clean and highest quality ingredients so it is safe for even the most sensitive skin, while being highly effective. Please follow the instruction for use if you have super dry and sensitive skin.

How often should I use the mask?

For best results, use one or two times per week. Results will be visible and your complexion improved over time. Once desired results are achieved, you may use less often.

Can I leave the mask on for longer than 20 minutes?

Yes, you can leave the mask on for up to 30 minutes, but we recommend using for 20 minutes on your first application as the formula is highly concentrated. For super sensitive skin in dry weather conditions, you can leave the mask for about 15 minutes in your first treatment.

My skin feels tingly and/or flushed while applying the mask. Is this normal?

Yes. Once the gel mask is activated and spread onto the skin it rapidly goes to work on a molecular level from the top to the deepest layers of skin to reverse the signs of aging, so it's normal to experience some redness or tingly due to 4D Lifting technology combined with peptides and other active ingredients increase blood circulation and start skin regeneration, especially if you have fair, super sensitive and dry skin. Redness will subside within 1-2 hours.

Can I apply makeup after using the mask?

Yes, your makeup will look flawless after using the mask. You will be amazed at how glowy and airbrushed your skin will appear. If you love the "no makeup-makeup look" or to use less makeup, this mask is made for you. You can apply makeup right after using the mask or wait 15 minutes to allow maximum rejuvenation.

Can I use the mask if I have injections or fillers?

Please consult with your doctor to see how long you should wait if you have had recent injections.

Can I use the mask after chemical peels, retinoids, acids, laser or other medications?

All those medications require the skin to go through a one to two weeks healing process. Our Weekly Oasis™ Facelifting Gel Mask is a professional anti-aging facial treatment with intense tightening and lifting effects, so please wait for your skin to fully recover from those treatments prior using the mask. Please consult your dermatologist if you are using such medications.

Can I use this during pregnancy or nursing?

Our formulations are clean and safe for all skin types and for your health at any age.
Please consult with your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing prior using our mask.

How do I clean the brush and bowl?

Brush and bowl are reusable for multiple times. Be sure to save them for your next applications. Simply rinse in warm water or a mild face soap may also be used. Allow brush to dry flat.

Can I apply the mask on my neck and chest?

Yes! We love to use the mask on our neck, decolletage, and back of our hands or anywhere skin is noticeably aging for maximum skin rejuvenation.

Is this product vegan?

Our ingredients are not only carefully selected, but also 100% vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and never tested on animals from ingredient to finished product for clean-conscience skincare.

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