We only use the highest-quality, carefully sourced, proven ingredients, where the climate, water, and soils produce the best and purest resources.

The Power of The Lotus

The Lotus signifies beauty, purity and rebirth — for a reason. This sacred flower has been proven for millenia to contain anti-aging properties that are extremely effective yet gentle on the skin. As the symbol of Lā SEN, each product contains powerful and highly concentrated super anti-aging lotus essence so you too can harness the power of transformation in the comfort of your home.

Rich in antioxidants, reducing damaging effects from pollution, free radicals and UV rays.

Increases skin elasticity, smooths fine lines, and corrects discoloration.

Balances skin, moisturizes while clarifying congestion.

Relieves stress and anxiety with its natural aromatherapy qualities.


Perennial Nº9 Complex™

Proprietary to Lā SEN Beauty, our Perennial Nº9 Complex™ is made of nine traditional botanical ingredients, following the principles and practices of Eastern medicine and ancient beauty secrets. The combined effect of the Complex work synergistically to:
  1. Smooth wrinkles
  2. Even skin tone
  3. Remove dead skin cells
  4. Brighten complexion
  5. Refine skin texture and pores
  6. Restore volume
  7. Fight free-radicals
  8. Calm blemishes
  9. Soothe redness/irritation

Powerful Peptides

Utilizing modern skin-care technology, our powerful peptides work on a molecular level to stimulate collagen and elastin production, speed up skin cell regeneration, and deliver our carefully selected ingredients deeper into the skin for lifted, firmer skin that’s hydrated, smooth and radiant.

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